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Polished Stones

Wealth of Politically Polished Stones is a three dimensional labyrinthe made of copper pipes engraved with a poetic and sarcastic text about human drives for domination and work alienation. The sculpture was built in order to give a material body to the text, an absurd dialogue between two abstract figures: the judging figure and the judged one. 


The performing aspect of the piece, consisting in hand engraving the text on 120 meters of copper pipes for 7 days non stop, reminds the content of the text. 


The piece was created in New York and exhibited at the open studios of the SVA summer residency 2018. 

Wealth of Politically Polished Stones, 2018

New York, 2018


96 X 144 X 120

Text engraved,

by Richard McNally, edited by Andrei Codrescu in the journal Exquisite Corpse 

Link to the text

UNPolished Stones

Unpolished Stones Auber Visu.jpg


Visualization of the installation in situ 


(scale: 30 m long) 

Aubervilliers, where my studio is located, is a suburban city at the outskirt of Paris in transition to become post-industrial. For this in situ project, I use material that I find in the place (the copper pipes and the rocks)  and reorganize it highlight issues related to pubic policies of urban planning and development. The installation uses scrap metal (copper pipes) from nearby scrap metal merchants to integrate it to the already existing street setting, rough rocks displayed on the side of the street to allegedly dissuade car drivers to park there - or is it to dissuade the refugees from the refugee camp few meters away to settle here, closer to the city center? Evoking consequences of gentrification, the installation also questions art's economic and social value; What is the value of an art piece when it is displaced from an art environment to the street ? Can we look at the copper pipes in the same way as we would look at them in a gallery, knowing the economic value of the material?​

This street installation project was proposed to the city hall of Aubervilliers to be part of the White Night 2020.

aubervilliers counterpoint.png


Visualization of an alternative installation in a non-urban area

IMG_4180 2.jpg


Studio Prototype

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