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Zine, 2019-2020

Four Seasons and a Half was produced as part of Iri's MFA thesis at the School of Visual Arts. The book reveals the photographic project she conducted in collaboration with two Argentinian transexual sex workers, Nikki and Heden, in their work place, that is the Bois de Boulogne, a wood situated at the outskirts of Paris. 


The book brings together quotes and staged photographies that have to do more with fiction than documentary. The project is a reflection on the political and intimate nature of bodies, on intersubjectivity, alterity and the appropriation of otherness as narrative and form to better understand the construction of self. It's also driven by the artist's desire to defy the division of women under patriarchal societal rules. Iri socialised with Nikki and Heden for months before starting to shoot. Here, art is used as an excuse, an instrument, to spend time with the two protagonists.


Iri was anchored in both New York and Paris at the time of production - a contrast in approach to gender issues and appropriation theories that she highlights in her thesis.

Due to the rise of Covid-19 after the winter session shot with Heden, the collaboration was interrupted. Iri replaced the two seasons that could not be shot (Spring & Summer) by photo montages of what she imagined could have happened, emphasising the feeling of absence and loneliness in both images.



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