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New York, 2019

Installation (3D modeling)

Iri uses SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) in her latest sculptures, a very sensitive and sensorial material that she grows, treat and manipulate under different conditions. In these works, the narrative is biology: matter is affected by the artist's experimentations and its interactions with different subjects, but its process of production is always encoded into the biomaterial as it undergoes different physical transformations. 


How to reactivate a dying biosphere as increasingly aseptic creatures?


After learning to grow SCOBY in the School of Visual Arts Biolab in New York she brought her knowledge back to France where she took advantage of successive confinements to grow giant pieces and develop new technics to keep the resulting fabric as souple as skin. Her research on this fabric started with an interest in living materials and a yearning to find alternatives to animal-based fabrics such as leather. SCOBY is the subject of much research in the fashion industry and Iri is collaborating with people of this industry to develop sustainable drying and tinting techniques.  


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New York, 2019

Flatiron Gallery 

Dried SCOBY, Copper

200 X 45 X 60 cm


HOMMAGE, Maïa Izzo-Foulquier

Paris, 2020

Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris Dried SCOBY 

50 X 25 cm


Photographs of performance, 2021


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IMG-4910 (2).jpg


Paris, 2020



Normandy, 2021

Photographs of Performance